Calcium Chloride 78%


HS Code 28272000
Physical and Chemical Properties
Appearance White powder or granular solid
Odor Odorless
Chemical formula CaCl2
Density (S.G) 2.15 (Anhydrate) - 2.24 (Monohydrate) - 1.85 (Dihydrate)
Molar Mass 110.98 g/mol
Melting Point 772 °C (Anhydrate) - 260 °C (Monohydrate) - 176 °C (Dihydrate)
Boiling Point 1935 °C


Calcium Chloride 78% is a type of salt which is composed of Calcium and Chlorine ions. Calcium Chloride 78% granules are white and odorless. It is usually found as a hydrated solid with the general chemical formula of CaCl2x (H2O) where x is equal to 0, 1, 2, 4 and 6. As an example, anhydrous Calcium Chloride has a molecular mass of 110.98 g/mol.
Industrial Calcium Chloride is a type of Calcium Chloride which is usually produced in the form of monohydrate or dihydrate with purity of 78%. Industrial Calcium Chloride 78% is very advantageous for various industrial applications such as oil and the petrochemical industry. However, when this product has a low purity of about 78%, it cannot be used as food grade calcium chloride, and 96% purity should be used in the food industry.
Calcium Chloride 78% is highly soluble in water and considered a hygroscopic substance. It can extremely absorb moisture; therefore, it is widely known as a desiccant – induce and sustaining a state of dryness. When dissolved in water, it produces a clear colorless solution. The process of dissolving Calcium Chloride in the aqueous environment is exothermic due to its high enthalpy characteristic. Calcium Chloride salt is a source of calcium ions which is excellent to be used in the substitution chemical reactions as it easily replaces other cations.
Calcium Chloride 78% is insoluble in ammonia, dimethyl sulfoxide and ethyl acetate. Moreover, it is soluble in alcohol, pyridine and methanol.

Purchasing Calcium Chloride 78% From TEAM

TEAM has been actively supplying Calcium Chloride 78% to numerous industries and has competitive pricing in Iran. References are available upon request. We have a standard quality control system in place and can arrange for international inspection with the help of inspection companies such as SGS.

CaCl2 78% pricing

The price of CaCl2 78% will varies depending on shipping terms, quantity and availability. Please contact TEAM sales department through our contact numbers, in order to register a purchase order or pre-purchase consultation.


Calcium Chloride 78% is supplied in 25 KG sacks and 1 MT moisture-proof Big Bags as per customer requests.

Markets in the World

According to the International Mining and Resources Conference, it is predicted that the market of this material will reach from 1.1 billion dollars in 2021 to 1.57 billion dollars in 2027, and the market will experience an annual growth of 5.41% between 2022 and 2027.
The increasing demand for oil and gas in many countries affects the sales of Calcium Chloride 78% worldwide. Therefore, it is predicted that the usage of Calcium Chloride as a moisture absorbent and concrete accelerator will increase.

Moreover, since this substance has the ability to reduce the freezing point of water, it is widely used as an anti-freezing agent on roads and sidewalks during winter. As a result, it is widely used in Europe North America and the CIS where experience heavy snowfalls are witnessed. North America holds a large share of the market for Calcium Chloride salt, and it is expected that the increase in its use as a de-icing agent and in the oil and gas industry will cause the market to grow in this region. The Asia Pacific region is also predicted to be one of the regions that will have an important impact on the market.

Calcium Chloride 78%

Advantages and Benefits of Calcium Chloride 78%

  • High water absorbent capability, makes Calcium Chloride 78% an important material in industrial and household dehumidifiers.

  • Due to its availability and unique chemical structure, it is used for producing other chemicals such as Glycerol and soaps.

  • Having a high retarding effect on cement slurries, Calcium Chloride is one of the important additives in concrete industry.

  • Being a high density salt, it is widely used in drilling fluid industry as a weighing agent for well completion applications.

  • Calcium Chloride salt is a source of calcium ions which is excellent to be used in the substitution chemical reactions as it easily replaces other cations.


It is recommended to be extremely careful when working with Calcium Chloride, as it can cause health and safety risks. Calcium Chloride 78% must be prevented from spreading in the environment and infiltrating the soil, water and sewage channels. Please refer to TEAM MSDS for further details on Calcium Chloride hazards.


Applications of Calcium Chloride 78%

Industrial Calcium Chloride 78% is used in a variety of applications in various industries. A number of applications are listed below:

  • In the oil and gas industry, Calcium Chloride is widely used to increase the density of brines. Moreover, it is used to prevent clays from swelling in the water phase of oil-based drilling fluids.

  • In the concrete industries, Calcium Chloride plays an important role as accelerating agent.

  • It is used for laboratory applications, in particular for drying wet particles and solids.

  • Non-edible Calcium Chloride is used in swimming pools to increase the hardness of pool water. Adding this compound to pool water helps reduce concrete erosion in pool structures.

  • Calcium Chloride usage for deicing on roads and sidewalks is the other common application. Calcium Chloride acts like sodium chloride salt on icy highways and icy roads. Calcium Chloride 78% is very effective as an agent to lowering the freezing point of water and preventing the formation of ice on the road surface.

  • It can be added to household fire extinguishers.

  • Calcium Chloride 78% is also used in industrial and household dehumidifiers to absorb air moisture.

Furthermore, Calcium Chloride 78% is used in the process of preparation for many other chemicals such as pigments, metallic soaps, Glycerol and so on.

Safety tips

Calcium Chloride 78% is stable and non-flammable. CaCl2 78% should be stored in a ventilated and cool environment, away from heat and humidity. This material should not be stored at a temperature above 30°C. TEAM provides Calcium Chloride 78% in moisture-proof packaging to minimize material degradation while storing or shipping.