HS Code 25191000
Physical and Chemical Properties
Chemical Formula MgCo3
Crystallization System Trigonal
Hardness 3-3.5
Specific weight 3 -3.2 gr / cm
Color White, yellowish, brownish
Specific Gravity 3.2 to 3.2


Magnesite is a mineral with the chemical formula MgCO3 that is used in various industries. Magnesite is a sources of Magnesium that supplies most of the world’s Magnesium. It is crystalline in white, brownish with brown to black streaks. Magnesite is a calcite due to its calcite-like crystal. This mineral is used in the production of fertilizers,  ceramic tiles in construction industry, leather industry, production of refractory materials such as glass, steel and cement and filler in the textile industry.


Magnesite is used in the construction industry to produce cement, lightweight materials. High temperature tolerance is one of the important properties of Magnesite, which makes it used in the production of refractory products in the glass, steel and copper industries. This high temperature tolerance has led to the use of this material as a welding and steel insulation. Magnesite is used in the medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial industries. It is also used in agricultural filler feed to produce chemical fertilizers in the rubber industry.

Extraction of Magnesite

Magnesite generally consists of various transformations in Magnesium-rich rocks of different purity. These transformations may take place at different levels of the earth or in groundwater. Carbonate-containing rocks may also combine with magnesium-containing rocks to form Magnesite. Magnesite is generally obtained by surface extraction. Because most Magnesite is formed in the upper layers of the earth and on the surface. This does not require professional drilling operations.