Heavy Soda Ash

Heavy Soda Ash
Heavy Soda Ash

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Alternative (Trade) Names : Heavy Sodium Carbonate, Heavy Washing Soda, Heavy Soda crystals

Physical and Chemical Properties of Heavy Soda Ash

Chemical Formula: Na2CO3
Purity: 99%
Appearance: White powder
Molar Mass: 105.9888 g/mol
Density: 2.54 g/cm3
Melting Point: 851 C


Heavy Soda Ash powder has the particle size about 250-450 microns with average particle size of 350 micrometers. Heavy Sodium Carbonate is used in glass industry, pH adjustment, Soda production, detergent production, water hardness prevention and paper and pulp industries. This powder is soluble in water and its solubility increases with increasing of water temperature.

From the combination of Heavy Sodium Carbonate with water, a strong alkaline solution with a pH of about 11.5 is formed. This is due to the presence of Sodium and the Alkaline composition of the powder, especially Sodium Hydroxide. The resulting aqueous solution of Heavy Sodium Carbonate is a very strong base. This solution reacts very strongly with a large number of acids. This base solution decomposes in presence of heat and emit Disodium Oxide (Na2O), which is extremely harmful to the respiratory tract.

Production of Heavy Soda Ash

Light Soda Ash when hydrated is converted to Sodium Monohydrate. In the continuation of this process, by removing the water, a higher density product is obtained, which is called Heavy Soda Ash. This material has larger and denser crystal sizes. Heavy Sodium Carbonate can be obtained from several methods. One of the old and important methods is the Solvay method. In this method, raw materials of Lime, Sodium Chloride and Ammonia are used.



Heavy Soda Ash Applications

The most common use of Heavy Soda Ash is in glass manufacturing. This inorganic chemical reduces the melting temperature of the sand used in the formation of glass. Soda Ash Heavy with 99% purity is also used in shaping glass products. In glass manufacturing, Soda Ash is first heated to very high temperatures and then mixed with sand and Calcium Carbonate. Then the resulting mixture must be cooled quickly and the final product will be glass.

Use of Soda Ash Heavy in glass manufacturing

Melting pure silica requires a temperature of 1700-2000 °C. Therefore, most glass manufacturers reduce the glass forming temperature to 1500-1450 ° C by mixing raw silica with Heavy Soda Ash 99%. This is done to reduce fuel consumption and thus reduce fuel costs in glass factories. The added Carbonate lowers the melting point, but the added Sodium causes the glass to slowly dissolve in water. The addition of limestone due to the presence of Calcium makes the glass more durable. More than 45% of global Soda production is consumed in the glass industry. Depending on the type of produced glass, different amounts of Heavy Sodium Carbonate are required.

Differences between light and Heavy Soda Ash

The difference between Heavy and Light Soda Ash is in their density, particle size and application. These two substances are not chemically different from each other. Soda Ash Heavy has a bulk density of about 1000 kg/m3 and particles with a size of 300 to 500 microns. The density of Light Soda Ash is about 500 kg/m3 with particle size about 100 microns.

Safety tips

Inhalation of Heavy Soda can lead to side effects such as inflammation of the respiratory tract and lung damage. In case of dust inhalation, fresh air should be inhaled or artificial respiration should be used. Eye contact can cause permanent corneal damage or possible burns. Therefore, in case of eye contact with Soda Ash, eyes should be rinsed with water. When working with Soda safety clothing and accessories such as gloves, glasses and safety masks must be used.

Storage space for storing Heavy Soda Ash must be well ventilated and strong. This chemical should be stored in closed containers without contact with the outside environment and away from moisture. Heavy Washing Soda is stored in polyethylene bags.


  • Sample Quantity: 250gr
  • Sample Package: 2 layer plastic bag, keep tightly closed


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