Drilling Fluids

Drilling Fluids

Drilling fluids, also known as Drilling Mud, is one of the core aspects of drilling operations. The fluid is typically a brown liquid, hence the word mud, and is made from a combination of numerous chemicals mixed together. It is a 24 hour service and Drilling Fluids are used from the start of the drilling operation (spud date) until the last day. Drilling fluids plays a pivotal role in the drilling operations including but not limited to:


Carrying cuttings in the wellbore, maintaining sufficient hydrostatic pressure, stabilizing troublesome shale layers, lubricating bits, cooling downhole tools and creating high impact force in bit to destabilize formations.


Various forms of fluids exist and have a base fluid which is either oil (OBM – oil based mud) or water (WBM – water based mud). Other fluids are more complicated, such as synthetic-based muds (SBM).


The Performance of Drilling Fluids Operations is Mainly Driven by Chemicals


TEAM co. understands that the quality of chemicals have has a great impact on drilling fluid properties and well-bore stability. We have the full range of chemicals in stock to support and sustain a 24-7 drilling fluid operation.


Fluid loss controllers, Viscosifiers, Weighting Agents, Hardness Reducers, Loss Circulation Materials (LCM), Loss Prevention Materials (LPM), Shale Inhibitors, Lubricants, Alkalinity Control Additives, pH-Adjusting Additives, Preservatives and Defoamers are the most vital agents that are used to makde drilling fluids and are all supplied by TEAM co.


TEAM is drilling fluids supplier in Iran and presents a wide variety of chemicals which are suitable for different types of wellbores such as HPHT wells or normal wells. Considering the well condition, different types of solutions related to drilling fluids- water-based or oil-based mud-are supplied by TEAM co.


Some samples of the mentioned materials provided by TEAM co are as follows:

  • Fluid loss controllers such as PAC LV and Drilling Starch
  • Viscosifiers such as Xanthan gum, Natural gum and PAC HV
  • Weighting agents such as Calcium Carbonate, Barite and Hematite
  • Hardness reducers such as SODA-ASH
  • Loss circulation materials (LCM) such as Nutshells, Micas and different sizes of Calcium Carbonate
  • Shale inhibitors such As Gilsonite, Asphahlt, and Glycols
  • Lubricants such as Liquid Drilling Lubricant and Glass Beads
  • Alkalinity control additives such as LIME
  • pH-adjusting additives such as CAUSTIC SODA and LIME


Drilling Fluid Storage