Monoethylene Glycol (MEG) is mainly used as a raw material in the production of some polyesters and used in antifreeze products. MEG is used in producing many types of antifreeze agents; coolants, ani-icer and deicers. MEG is utilized in the production of vehicles’ antifreeze agents, cooling equipment and aircraft antifreeze. It is also used in cooling systems such as HVAC units in order to transfer generated heat and cool the engines in various weather situations.

MEG is a preferable antifreeze agent compared to other antifreeze chemicals due to its high efficiency. It is much more economical than Propylene Glycol in antifreeze applications, as a lower percentage of MEG compared to Propylene Glycol is required to reach the same freezing point in water. Furthermore, one of the other advantages of using MEG in antifreeze is its better heat transfer properties than other chemical compounds.