Customized Product

We can manufacture our speciality chemicals based on your specific needs. Concentrated products can be supplied with our recipe for dilution and mixing at your end.

Test & Sampling

Samples can be provided for your evaluation and we have an associate ISO/IEC 17025 laboratory for quality control purposes.

Customized Shipping

Best possible shipping line for each product is selected. Given the high sea freight costs, we have numerous land transport companies via trucks and wagons to reach nearby countries at much lower rates.

Purchasing & Documentation

Complete technical specification, Accuracy and speed in providing prices and product specifications

Customized Packaging and Payment

Customized packaging and label
Negotiable payment terms

“How it looks important” – Labelling and packaging are overlooked by many companies but we focus diligently on our packaging. This type of outlook has become one of our unique selling points, distinguishing us from other suppliers

Some Insights

Accurate and Fast Invoices

Quotations prepared no more than 3 working days

International Supply Chain

International Supply Chain

24-Hour Access

To our toll manufacturer with exclusive rights


Our philosophy is not to be the biggest and cheapest, but to be better than yesterday

Black Box Thinking

We learn from our mistakes and register them in our black box database

Trend Analysis

We register and manage data in order to analyze various trends resulting in higher performance for your value chain