About Us

About Us

Tiam Earth Advanced Materials (TEAM) was established in 2014 with the specific purpose of adding value to our customers by sourcing the best possible products and delivering it with an optimized supply chain. TEAM co. Chemicals has dedicatedly been serving the oil and gas industry, focusing primarily on Drilling Fluid Additives and Specialty Chemicals.

TEAM Chemicals is a one-stop chemical company providing commodities and high-tech performance-specialty chemicals for various industries.

Our range of chemicals can be considered as a finished product or utilized to improve the manufacturing processes. Our organizational culture is based on TEAM work. We think of the greater good, which is the TEAM. We truly believe that this type of mindset is the foundation required for a company to succeed.

Areas of Collaboration

Drilling Fluids

One of our main areas of expertise is Drilling Fluids. Our experience comes from a long-existing relationship with our strategic partner Pars Drilling Fluids (www.parsdrill.com). We understand the significant role of additives and specialty chemicals in the performance of drilling operations. Stock is in place for an extensive range of drilling fluids chemicals.

“readily available products in our warehouse.”

Whether the situation is a minor fracture or serious loss/stuck, our range of materials will be assessed based on application to solve the problems in hand. We manufacture Drilling Fluid specialty chemicals. The range of our specialty chemicals can be customized to meet specific needs of our customers.

Waste Management & Water Treatment Chemicals

Given our in depth experience with Drilling Fluid operations, we have also supported waste management services with the additives and chemicals required

Toll Manufacturing

TEAM Chemicals has its own exclusive toll-manufacturer with both powder and liquid production capabilities. With the help of our exclusive R&D partner, we have developed in-house formulations which are limited to TEAM only.