Appearance Colorless to yellow liquid
Specific Gravity (20 Celsius degrees) 0.87-0.91
PH >8
Flash Point >60 Celsius degrees


Defoamer is a high-quality grade of alcohol-based defoaming agent which is widely used to decrease surface tension in water-based fluids, brines and workover fluids. Defoamer removes the foam which is created in fluid while mixing or circulating in well. It is applicable in different types of water such as brackish, fresh, seawater, etc.


  • Fast acting material
  • Easy to mix
  • Aids in the removal of oxygen
  • Effective in different types of water-based drilling fluids and brines
  • Prevents damages of rig pumps due to having air and gas in active mud system
  • Compatible with different salinities and broad range of temperatures
  • Minimum effect on filtration and rheological properties of fluids
  • Environmentally acceptable additive

کاربرد ها

Main function of Defoamer is to removing air and gas in active water-based mud systems to ease handling of mud and minimize damages to the rig pumps without drastic effect on muds’ rheological or filtration properties.

نکات ایمنی

Ecotoxicity:  Environmental Fate: When Released into the Soil, This Material is Expected to Readily Biodegrade. When Released into the Soil, This Material is Expected to Leach Into Groundwater. When Released into Water, This Material Is Expected to Readily Biodegrade. This Material is Not Expected to Significantly Bioaccumulate. This Material Has an Estimated Bioconcentration Factor (BCF) Of Less Than 100. When Released Into The Air, This Material May be Moderately Degraded By Reaction With Photochemically Produced Hydroxyl Radicals. Environmental Toxicity: The LC50/96-hour Values for Fish are between 10 and 100 mg/l. This Material is Expected to be Slightly Toxic to Aquatic Life. For more information please refer to Defoamer Material Safety Datasheet.